“Mikaya Heart is a very talented, loving, caring person, with remarkable intellect and abilities that are clearly buoyed up by her deep connection with Spirit. The journeys she leads take me to a place of loving discovery. Her books are all a delight to read. She is a miraculous human being in every way.”
Debra Preston, Hawaii

“Mikaya Heart is an amazing resource. Her writings and teachings are very useful, and they radiate authenticity and integrity.”
Scott McMaster, life coach, Arizona

“Mikaya Heart has a unique and insightful perspective on the experience of being human. She has a tenacious persistence in seeking wisdom and combines this with a wide variety of life experiences. This, combined with her mission to assist people in their spiritual development, allows her to create a space for safe and intense transformation and growth for her clients.”
Dr, Sally Boyd-Daughtrey, Pahoa, Hawaii

“It’s obvious Mikaya has a wealth of experience traversing her own spiritual worlds, and she is very accomplished when establishing a safe space for others to come together for connection, journeys, and sharing of experience, often noticing the hidden dimensions in the field.  I highly recommend her playful work, with Aloha!”
Steven, a fellow traveler. Hawaii

“With Mikaya’s help, I’ve been able to manifest my dreams. I’ll always be deeply grateful!”
Julie, San Francisco

“I don’t know what I would do without Mikaya!”
Rich, Hawaii

“Mikaya Heart has been a unique and special teacher in my life. Her freedom, her ability to articulate herself, the width and breadth of her experiences have encouraged, inspired and enlivened me for over ten years. I’m so grateful for Mikaya and the gifts she brings to the world. Truly she has remembered things forgotten and is an ambassador for love and truth.”
Lisa-Marie, cupofsoma.com

“I went to Mikaya Heart for a counseling session. I described my dilemma and she asked me a few questions which completely changed my perspective and enabled me to see that the dilemma was totally created by other people’s judgments; it was nothing to do with me. This all happened within about ten minutes! Well worth the money!”
Margie, London, UK

“Mikaya is an honest teacher who shares authentically and transparently from her rich life experiences. I feel safe and encouraged in the spaces she holds and the wisdom she carries.”
Veruschka Normandeau, Rose Yoga

Book Testimonials:

For Life, Lies. and Sex:

“Mikaya Heart leaves no stone unturned as she explores what it means to live, feel, believe and pleasure in this human form. She takes you on a personal journey of life’s handbook where you are sure to find a message just for you.”
Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens

“Mikaya Heart has done it again: engaged in a quantity of tricky esoteric subjects (life, lies and sex) and speaking words of truth from the Heart, with brilliant yet simple clarity, she enables her readers to embrace truths of their own.”
Dayana Jon, Spiritual Mentor, iopeningnetwork.com

“This book answers many basic questions about life in an open and loving way, so that people can let go of their misconceptions and thereby gain the world.”
Diane Tegarden, author of How to Escape a Bad Marriage: a Self Help Divorce Book for Women

“Once again, Mikaya Heart does not disappoint. If you want original and useful ideas for changing times, this is the book for you.”
Bonnie Coleen, host of the radio show, Seeing Beyond

“A beautiful explanation of how sexual desire can be a metaphor that teaches us how to live life fully from day to day.”
Richard Wagner, Ph.D, ACS.

For My Sweet Wild Dance:

“Soul refreshment of the highest order.”
Edge Magazine

“A fascinating book from a writer of great courage and integrity.”
Scott Mcmaster, life-coach

“A truly inspired and uplifting read.”
Midwest Book Review