Mikaya Heart

Minister of holistic healing

I’ve had a number of different personas in my seventy years on Earth in this particular body: a waitress, a factory worker, a political activist, a hippy, an anarchist, a radical lesbian, a feminist, a car mechanic, a carpenter, a tree feller, a butch dyke, an organic market gardener, a sexpert, a pig farmer, a Minister of Holistic Healing, a public speaker, a shamanic worker, an award-winning author, and a kitesurfing instructor, for instance.

Recently, other people have referred to me as the ultimate environmentalist, a feisty old lady, ‘such a nineteen year old,’ ‘that old guy,’ a very interesting person, a bundle of muscle, an exceptional lover, a courageous woman, and an inspiration. I especially like the idea that I inspire people. (There have been other less complimentary labels. Let’s not focus on them.)

These days, I call myself a spiritual mentor. The most important aspect of my being is my ability to help people to connect with their life-path, and to lead ceremonies that facilitate positive energetic shifts. (Or, perhaps it’s just my ability to bring joy to the world).

I was born and raised in Scotland. The wonderful thing about my upbringing is that we lived in a rural situation and I spent most of my time playing alone in the woods, developing a deep trust in and love for Nature. Unfortunately, I was recognized as a child genius by the time I was seven years old, which didn’t benefit me at all since other children automatically disliked me and made fun of me, and my father made sure to tell me I was stupid every day so that I wouldn’t get conceited. I was very confused, but the one thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to be like any members of my family when I grew up. At the age of 19 I went off to York University, scheduled to be a research scientist. I studied biology because I was interested in living things, but our studies seemed to be all about dead things. I made friends with some other students who were politically aware, and learned about the details of apartheid in South Africa. I was deeply shocked and knew I did not want to be part of any society that supported such ideas; and then I also learned how humans were polluting the environment. Realizing that the mainstream, and in particular academia, were not for me, I dropped out of university, becoming a hippie and a radical political activist. It was the right thing to do and I have never regretted that decision, even though it has meant that I spent most of my life living on a very low income on the fringes of society.

In the last twenty years, I’ve had some remarkable and inexplicable experiences that woke me up to the vastness of being. Now I know that peace is an inside job. I know that no having or doing is as powerful as being in a place of true joy. I know that I will die when the time is right and it’s a lot smarter to concentrate on enjoying life than avoiding death. And I know that Marianne Williamson was absolutely right when she said, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

After what I sometimes call my awakening, I sold most of what I owned. I live wherever I happen to be on this planet, doing what brings me joy. I get a great deal of joy from helping others to be motivated on a daily basis by trust rather than fear. (That might be the foundation of what is called enlightenment).

I am a coach in the art of being fully alive. Do you think you already know how to be fully alive? Life is a dance, and dancing in time to the music takes practice. It’s the difference between wielding a paint brush and being able to paint a picture that moves others. I lead workshops and mentor individuals who are ready to embrace the fullness of being human–being fully present, being fully who you are, discovering and following your heart’s desire. When all doing arises from being, our creativity and joy flows freely.

One of the tools I use in my coaching is the drum journey, which I first learned when I was studying Angeles Arrien‘s work in the eighties.

Self awareness is a pre-requisite for any broader awareness. The person who has helped me most on the path of self-awareness is Dayana Jon, a visionary who is the medium for an extraordinary group of beings called AMAG. Amongst many other things, they taught me that we are not human beings trying to become spirit, we are spirit beings playing around with human form. They have really helped me to expand my teaching and understand the value of accessing other realities. I am presently studying self-mastery with them.

Others who have helped me over the last thirty years include Laura Rose, Caryn McCloskey, Brooke Medicine Eagle and Angeles Arrien.

I grew up in Scotland, and lived in the boonies of northern California for twenty years.

Two of my favorite activities are horse riding and kitesurfing.

They are both delightful ways of learning how to move in rhythm. I don’t have any horses of my own right now, but I have several kites, and I get out on the water whenever I can — preferably every day. When I’m flying along on my board, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what is important in life. Everything petty falls away. It’ s a powerful spiritual experience right there for the taking.

Now that I know myself to be a free entity, I go where it’s warm and windy in the winters.  I built a house in Hawaii, which was really fun. I live there fulltime for the moment.

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