Journeys of Consciousness with Mikaya Heart

I first learned to lead these journeys in the eighties when I was studying with Angeles Arrien (a spiritual metis of the Basque people). She taught shamanic journeying, which was/is typically done by the medicine people of the tribe to help with a specific healing process.  Many illnesses originate in shamanic realms, and so it was/is often easier to access the healing for those illnesses by visiting those realms.

This work was surprisingly easy for me, and I was soon asked to lead journeys for others. I have been doing so all over the world for the last forty years. However, I find more and more that people are not journeying in shamanic realms unless they are already familiar with doing so. Nowadays most people go to a deep place where they commune with other beings, meeting their guides, and getting useful information for this lifetime. Sometimes people travel through time or visit other planets (or planes of consciousness). I frequently see people going deep within themselves, often to a wordless place, so they come back from the journey changed on some deep and powerful level. From a physicist’s perspective, it may be that they are adjusting the electromagnetic grids that they are (that we all are) to bring themselves into greater alignment with the grid of the planet, which is shifting.

I always say that when you come to one of my journeys, you are making a date to talk with the Soul-that-you-are, whether you are aware of that or not.

The journey takes 2 or 3 hours, depending how long the discussion goes on after everyone comes back from the journey. I start with an explanation of the process and what to expect, although I always want to clarify that my desire is to create a space where you can go where you need to go, and it’s not my job to tell you where to go.

Once everyone is settled comfortably, I start with an invocation, calling in the directions, the elements, the elementals, guides and other beings who are always waiting to assist us.  Then I lead a brief guided visualisation which is designed to help participants to drop into a deep place. People who journey easily don’t need all these words, but it is often helpful to people whose rational minds don’t like to take a back seat. Finally I play the drum with a fast beat for twenty minutes while everyone travels on the sound.

After the journey ends, I encourage people to take their time coming back, When everyone is ready, I love to hear stories of what they experienced, since sharing with the group can be very valuable to others, but no one is obliged to talk, and the experience is often deeper than words can convey.

This year I am leading a series of  journeys about learning to look at what is occurring on this planet from the perspective of the souls that we are, before we incarnate here. It’s very helpful to be able to do that, because from that broader perspective, we see the value of what is happening, whereas when we are totally immersed in the experience, things can become a little daunting, and we wonder what it’s all for. Specifically, we can visit the 14th and 15th dimensions where we initially decided to incarnate and made arrangements with our many friends to play particular roles in our lives here this time around.

That said, journeyers are always welcome to set an intention that is specifically theirs. Everyone is welcome to participate in these journeys if they feel called to do so.