Creating ceremony

“Mikaya Heart is an incredibly powerful healer.” Brooke Doaks, holistic consultant and author of A Grey Soul

As a Minister of Holistic Healing, I can officially officiate at weddings and other functions. What I do unofficially, creating sacred space, is more important. I lead ceremonies (or rituals1) for all occasions, for groups or individuals, whether it’s a wedding or a parting, a rite of passage, a birth, a birthday, a death, recovering from trauma, or whatever you want to record and commemorate. Occasionally you may feel you want to make radical changes in your life, even though there is no specific occasion to be marked. Setting the intention to make a shift and then doing a ritual to mark your commitment will enable you to manifest the changes you want. It establishes the commitment clearly and powerfully.

In effect, what I do when I lead a ceremony is to facilitate the presence of unseen energies that want to assist us in the path we are choosing to walk on this planet. I promote a connection to other realms of existence beyond the physical world that we know so well. I am able to do this partly because I myself am familiar with these other realms, and I can therefore “open doors” for others. I spent a great deal of my life, from a very young age, alone in natural surroundings, connecting with other realms and spirit beings, often without even being aware of what I was doing. Nowadays, access to what we might call other dimensions comes easily to me, and sharing this with others brings me great joy.

When I lead a ceremony, I first meet and talk with the major players, to divine what it is they want from this. I ask them to write down what their intentions are. Together, we design the format of the occasion: when it will happen, where it will be and in what setting, and what other people will be invited. I sit with the intentions and the information I have been given, and the particular words and actions that are required will come to me. To start the ceremony, I call in the totems, elements, and presences of each of the four directions, starting in the east, the place of beginnings, where the sun rises, and finishing in the north, the place of darkness (or in the southern hemisphere, finishing with the south). I honor the sky above, which is the gateway to infinity, and the planet beneath our feet, from which we all are born, and finally the circle of hearts which sits at the center of all. This sets the scene, and then I go on to create the specifics of the ceremony, using words and actions, and involving all the people present, often giving them a ‘task’ to take away with them. Ultimately the purpose of any ceremony is to increase the amount of love in the world, and there are many ways that can be done. I always end a ceremony with a song of gratitude to the unseen beings who have been present.

As a society, we often fail to honor the important occasions in our lives. Even weddings are frequently perfunctory pageants. If you want to do something very real, that will help you to be fully in your personal power and build lasting expansive awareness, talk to me. And please – don’t forget to honor the passings of important people in your life. We tend to be very afraid of death, and yet it can be an opening just as a birth is an opening. Without death, there is no life.

Photos from a wedding where Mikaya recently officiated: